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If Beautiful Why Should It Be Covered?


Every Muslim woman is created with beauty. . No wonder many of them think very dearly if the beauty must be covered and cannot be enjoyed totally in life in this world.

With that, a number of rules for a Muslim womn are willing to be violated. For the sake of being able to show that beauty.

Many of the Muslim women compete to emit their beauty. Not infrequently to appear in accordance with the satisfaction of the human eye. They have to work harder in order to fulfill all their decorative needs.

In a hadith mentioned: From Sa’id, in fact the Prophet (PBUH) had delivered a long sermon, then he mentioned the affairs of the world and the hereafter, then explained that “the first cause of the destruction of the Children of Jewish was the impoverishment of women as rich women did. ”

An accident for a Muslim woman if she is too busy following the beauty trends of the world to force herself to become a loyal follower.

Being a Muslim is feeling enough and grateful for all the beauty that God has given her, the gift should be a reason to get closer to The Creator, so that beauty is not only cool to be felt in the world but becomes a light at the end of a Muslim’s life. [] []

Editor: Karisa P. Yeli

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