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4 Characteristics of Wife that Husband Hates

In order that the wife does not lose love and respect for her husband, she must know and stay away from the characteristics of the woman who is hated by the husband.

Among these characteristics are the most prominent, as written by Shabah Sa’id in his book Az-Zaujah Al-Mubdi’ah wa Asrar Al-Jamal, including:

A wife who is busy with herself.

Wive like this usually stays away from all matters of their husbands, and is more concerned with their own affairs and hobbies. Basically, a wife like this feels comfortable whenever she can be alone, and can keep everything she hears, she sees, and she touches it for herself. This may be the result of a psychological illness that requires further treatment.

Dominant wife.

A wife like this is a wife who ignores her husband’s existence. Because she always doesn’t ask for her husband’s advice, or doesn’t involve him in family matters. She always carries out all family affairs and home affairs on his own regardless of the opinion of the husband.

Here, a husband will feel that his identity has disappeared, because what he can do for the good of the house or his children just give up, or ignore his existence. This kind of man, if he doesn’t separate himself from his wife like that, he might try to find, or get what he wants from another woman.

A wife who likes to lie.

One of the things that must be possessed in a marriage relationship is an element of honesty in everything. This is to remember, honesty is one of the pillars of peace and happiness. Outside there are many women who like to lie. They make lies as a hobby or as a pretext for fear of something. But for whatever reason, lies and deception are two of the most hated things for men. Even though sometimes a man accepts a lie from his wife for one reason or another, a husband’s acceptance of that bad nature is usually accompanied by a disparaging view.

Wicked / fierce wife.

This kind of wife is a wife who is so easy to give punishment to her husband, when her husband does certain things. A wife like this constantly troubles her husband, because of the character of his hostility. In addition, a wife like this will be accustomed to issuing scathing, loud, and rude words to her neighbors, friends and family members. A cruel wife, of course, causes a lot of problems for her husband, even for his children. So that it is embedded in the souls of their children, unhappy and will move away from their mother. []

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